Dear Reader,

My name is Chelo and I was born and raised in 80s/90s Bronx, NYC. I somehow managed to teach myself anything I was interested in. I was an only child, a latch-key kid, I did't fit in, and all of those things set my imagination on fire.  


I gravitated towards the arts, and studied Vocal at LaG, though I secretly wish I had chosen acting. 

I started to tinker with photography when I was in college.  I sat in Washington Sq Park and waited for the right moments to click the shutter. I developed my own film and printed my own enlargements.  As much as I love to learn about everything, photography is the one thing I have never been able to let go.

It's been 10 years since I started shooting weddings & portraits. 

Don't hesitate to write if you'd be interested in working with me. My boys, my fiancé, and my chiweenie, Sunshine, all send their regards.

Honored you're here,

Chelo Keys

Polaroid of Chelo Keys, © Amarie Baker