Skylands Botanical Gardens

I spent a beautiful Easter Sunday at the Skylands Botanical Gardens in NJ. 

Maybe you're wondering why these look a little different. A little bit ago I picked up a new film camera and I've been having so much fun playing with it. I decided that from now on, I will have my personal film work developed and printed, instead of developed and scanned. There are literally thousands upon thousands of digital photos sitting on my hard drives that I never look at. As a photographer, I need to start practicing what I preach- that printed photographs are absolutely invaluable. So I dropped off my film, asked for 4x6 prints with a white border, got myself an album and waited for the results. I figure if I want to blog a few, or enlarge a photo, I can always have it scanned.

I can't tell you how in love I am with these photos and my photo album.

Definitely feeling invigorated for the wonderful wedding and portrait season ahead.

A Few Details on Medium Format Film

So much fun to photograph flowers and details on film. The flowers and floral design were from Sachi Rose's flower class. The gorgeous calligraphy work is credited to ink and nibs.  Just in love with how beautifully film renders the color of flowers, especially red. I can't wait to shoot reception details in film this wedding season.

400H and Portra 400 rated at 800 and pushed one stop, processed through Boutique Film Lab.