A little Iconic

There's something about this family. When I photograph these beautiful children, the feeling I get comes very close to what I feel when I photograph my own child; every moment is special and perfect in it's own way. I think this is because I am photographing little artists in the making. They are so loved and nurtured that they can freely be themselves.  

2014-11-24_0001In the photo below, Em is pushing her boundaries just a little. Normally, as a portrait photographer I would put the camera down, but I felt not was important to capture this moment. 2014-11-24_00022014-11-24_00032014-11-24_00042014-11-24_00052014-11-24_00062014-11-24_00072014-11-24_00082014-11-24_00092014-11-24_00102014-11-24_0011I love this chess series very much.2014-11-24_00122014-11-24_00132014-11-24_0014A quiet mind.2014-11-24_0015We went into Em's room and she was a bit unhappy… for a split second all of her emotions and the light rolled into one. As she sorts out her feelings, she's still very beautiful. 2014-11-24_00162014-11-24_00172014-11-24_00182014-11-24_0019Such an inherent sweetness.2014-11-24_00202014-11-24_00212014-11-24_0022She wanted to be photographed in her halloween costume and then again in full makeup.2014-11-24_00232014-11-24_00242014-11-24_00252014-11-24_0026