Frequently Asked Questions

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+ How long have you been photographing weddings?

I photographed my first wedding in 2006, and officially opened up for business in 2008.

+ What's your background?

Dominican, autodidact, renaissance woman. I grew up in the Bronx, brought every stray dog home, studied music, practiced case work, and teaching. Visit my bio for more info.

+ What's your photographic style?

Mainly photojournalistic, with a good mix of portaits and details.

Yes, click here!

+ Have you photographed my type of wedding before?

I have photographed a wide variety weddings from a wide variety of cultures and beliefs. BUT, if your culture is new to me, I am dedicated to learning everything I can about you and your family's heritage before your wedding day.

+ Have you photographed at my venue before?

If I have not photographed at your venue I'm happy to meet up with you or your planner for a venue visit.

+ Do you have a travel fee?

I don't charge for travel within NJ, NYC or nearby. BUT, I'm happy to chat about simple accomodations, meals, etc.

+ Will you meet with us in person?

Is it fair to say that only if you're very exicited about commissioning me? I am always available for a skype chat or phone call if you're just curious but not sure yet. It's ok, there's no obligation and I am happy to chat (I like chatting, you're not bugging me).

+ What can we expect from hiring you?

You can text me, skype me, meet up with me in person, and ask me for advice on anything. People often describe me as a calm presence. Whatever you need, I'm here to help.

+ Why should we hire you?

Because you LOVE my work and it feels right. Otherwise I understand.

+ Are you LGBTQ friendly?

Yes, and I think it's boosheet that any wedding artist would descriminate, period.

+ Do you shoot film at every wedding?

Yes. I incorporate 35mm film at every wedding. Ask me about medium format, too!

+ Will you help me wrangle my very huge family for portraits?

I got you.

+ Will you replicate this photo from Pinterest?

I will do it for you-- but I'd recommend letting go as your wedding is unique and can't be replicated.

+ Will you accept a shot list?

Only of relatives and family for formal portraits, yes! I'm happy to go over it in detail.

+ How will our photos be delivered and when?

You will recieve an online gallery where you can download and share your photographs easily. There is also an option to purchase prints! Delivery time is currently 8 weeks and I don't recommend rushing.

+ Do you retouch the photographs?

Yes. I retouch blemishes, litter, wine stains, and other small distractions. I'm happy to go over this in detail.

+ Can you Cypher at our wedding?

If you invite me to the after party I might. I'm not kidding.

+ How do we book you?!

I send you an agreement for review that you can sign online and there is a 50% deposit. That's it!