About Chelo

Hi! I'm Chelo. I grew up in NYC, and I live and work as an artist full-time.

I'm Latina. I pray. I support LGBTQ rights, and I believe that #BlackLivesMatter. I have two lovely boys. Cooking is my hobby followed closely by eating.

I'm really happy doing what I love, and have been photographing weddings and portraits since 2008. Photographs are so important…documenting the way we live with photographs is so important. I look back on photos of my boys each year and I am grateful.

I use both digital and film to create my work, which focuses on genuine & natural moments.

I've been published in the Knot magazine, Catalyst Wedding Co, MSN, NJ Bride and more.

Would you like to know more? You can about my approach in more detail here.

 Polaroid © Amarie Baker

Polaroid © Amarie Baker